Ways to Connect with Your Dog This Spring in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Dog and woman in nature
Here in the Sea-to-Sky corridor, we can enjoy year-round activities with our furry best friends. But when spring comes, and we finally get our long-awaited daylight and sunshine, we can’t be more excited to celebrate the beginning of warmer days to bond with our best pawl.
In honour to this pleasant weather, here are some pawsome ways to connect with your dog this spring in the Sea-to-Sky corridor:

Go canoeing 

The Sea-to-Sky is home to a plethora of lakes accessible by vehicle. If your dog is well-behaved and calm enough to sit still, canoeing with your pup can be a treat for both of you.
Where to go: Alta Lake, River of Golden Dreams to Green Lake, Callaghan Lake, Mile One Lake, Lillooet Lake, Birkenhead Lake, Anderson Lake, Howe Sound.

Go for a SUP ride

Just like canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding can be a great way to bond with your dog. While some dogs just hop happily on board and balance like pros, others will benefit from training. It only took one time for my dog Lady to love it. Now, every time my SUP is laying on the ground or floating on water, she jumps straight on it impatiently waiting for me.  

Where to go: Alta Lake, River of Golden Dreams to Green Lake, Callaghan Lake, Mile One Lake, Lillooet Lake, Birkenhead Lake, Lucille Lake, Alice Lake, Brohm Lake, Levette Lake.

Go for a hike 

A lot of trails are do-able year-round, but for some dogs travelling long distances in snow can be a bit more challenging. With snow melting at higher elevations every day, and with a lower traffic of visitors, spring is a great time to adventure with your dog on the hiking trails.  
Where to go: Valley Trail, Sea-to-Sky trail, Stawamus Chief, Sea-to-Summit Trail, High Falls Creek, Smoke Bluffs Loop, Cypress Provincial Park trails (a great day trip from Whistler), Four Lakes Trail, Ray Peters Trail, One Mile trail.
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Go for a bike ride

If your dog is well trained, healthy, and fit enough to follow you on the biking trails, you are both in for a treat. Squamish offers a huge variety of mountain biking trails suitable for all levels. Mountain biking with your dog can be a great way for both of you to stay fit, not to mention have a lot of fun.
For a full list of trails, visit Sea-to-Sky trails.

Go for a drive 

Fur in the wind! Who doesn’t like the fresh scent of spring? Highway 99 is such a scenic route, connecting Greater Vancouver and the Coast to rugged Lillooet. Put on some tunes, roll down the windows at a safe level (and turn on child lock) and cruise with your favourite co-pilot!
Where to go: Highway 99

Go to the park

Large fields of green grass and rain showers that bring plenty of mud are the best combination for pups to roll and dig in. Grab a book, a bag of treats and head to a dog-friendly P-A-R-K (shh, don’t let your pup hear you say it!) for a run and some social time.
Where to go: In Whistler: Arfa Park at Alpha Lake, Barking Bay at Rainbow Park, Canine Cove at Lost Lake Park, Meadow Park ( before 10am and after 8pm daily) and Spruce Grove (allowed when not used).In Squamish: Nexen Beach and Eagle Wind Park. In Pemberton: Pemberton Park (off-leash between 6am-10pm).

Go to a training class 

Just like humans, dogs love to learn new things and there’s always something to be improved. Consider going to a group (or private) training class and learn some new tricks and skills so you can both be ready for summer adventures!

Go camping

Warmer and longer days call for a camping adventures! Time to dust off that tent and camping gear and head to the great outdoors! There is nothing more satisfying than spending a few days completely off-grid experiencing the beauty of Mother Nature, and falling asleep under the stars with your best furry family member. Surely, camping with your dog can be a great bonding experience for everyone involved.  
Where to go: Mother Nature (anywhere that is dog and camping friendly)

Go chase sunsets

At the end of an adventure day, what’s better than sharing the views of a sunset with your best furry friend while the sun goes down over the sea or between the mountains.  
Where to go: Mountain peaks, lake shores, by the sea♡

What is your favourite way to connect with your dog in the spring? 

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