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Plant-Based Recipes for Holiday Gatherings

Thanksgiving is around the corner and if you haven’t decided on your menu, I thought I’d throw in some plant-based recipes I found on the net for a delicious and healthy meal!   Because going meatless doesn’t mean boring, tasteless dishes, or skipping on comforting foods. It means exploring a world of bolder flavours, textures, and spices. Perhaps this year you will have the energy to hit the dance floor after a luscious Thanksgiving meal!   Warming Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric Soup An inflammation busting carrot, ginger and turmeric soup that's absolutely bursting with fresh, warming flavours! Find the recipe here.  Full recipe at Lauren Caris Cooks [/caption]   Squash Bake with Tahini Sauce Simple, 30-minute squash bake with toasted hazelnuts, pomegranates,...

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The Joys of Taking Your Dog Camping

The companionship of a dog can be one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences for a camping enthusiast. Surely, bringing along Fido on a camping adventure improves camping dynamics, and makes the outdoors feel more like home without the usual domestic distractions. It is also a great opportunity for you to bond further with your furry best friend while providing them with the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy. Indeed, bringing your dog to spend a night under the stars has many benefits for everyone: They’ll get plenty of exercise, so will you Clearly, taking your dog along on an outdoor adventure can do wonders for their health. It is important that dogs stay active in order...

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Ways to Connect with Your Dog This Spring in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Here in the Sea-to-Sky corridor, we can enjoy year-round activities with our furry best friends. But when spring comes, and we finally get our long-awaited daylight and sunshine, we can’t be more excited to celebrate the beginning of warmer days to bond with our best pawl.   In honour to this pleasant weather, here are some pawsome ways to connect with your dog this spring in the Sea-to-Sky corridor:   Go canoeing  The Sea-to-Sky is home to a plethora of lakes accessible by vehicle. If your dog is well-behaved and calm enough to sit still, canoeing with your pup can be a treat for both of you.   WHERE TO GO:   Alta Lake, River of Golden Dreams to Green Lake,...

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Muddy Paws in Spring: Natural House Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Spring in Whistler is a beautiful time of the year. We enjoy longer days, warmer sunshine, fresh mountain air and an array of outdoor adventures, but as dog owners we all know what it also means: muddy floors, wet furniture and hairy everything! While I like to partake in the annual spring cleaning ritual, my furry companions bring their own idea of springtime into my home. They seem too excited to run past the paw cleaning station before entering and delight in rubbing their whole body on the carpet (especially when they’re drenched in mud), but those are simply the joys of being a dog owner, aren’t they? Surely, having a dog is a big responsibilty and so is keeping...

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DIY Natural Cleaners For a Happier, Healthier Home

Spring time is here and there’s nothing I love more than opening the windows and letting the cool breeze swirl around my home. As we embrace the changes in temperature and complete the seasonal grooming routine of our pets, now is also a good time to think about deep cleaning our house. In an age where it is important to reconsider what we’re bringing into our homes, we’re looking for greener solutions. I have made a list of my favourite natural cleaners you can easily make at home, with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. So no more harsh chemical-based products that are unsafe for your family, your pets and that are harmful to the environment! What you’ll need Ingredients:...

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