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Bath & Body Set [*Organic]
Bath & Body Set [*Organic]
Bath & Body Set [*Organic]

Bath & Body Set [*Organic]

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After a big mountain adventure, it's time to clean up for après! First, bath time with an organic shampoo bar that smells like a beautiful meadow in the forest. Soothe sore pads with a healing arnica salve. The forest essence sanitizer spray for mom smells so amazing- it is a perfect air freshening and deodorizing spray perfect for bathrooms, cars, and for eliminating the wet dog smell. Made with organic, non-toxic and all-natural ingredients. This set contains:

  • Shampoo bar (65g)

    • For all fur types. Our natural shampoo bar is hand-poured in small batches. Made with neem oil, nature’s gentle antiseptic, and natural cold-pressed oils for a soft coat and healthy skin. Naturally fragranced with essential oils of lavender and cedar, the calming aromas of a mountain meadow.

    • Lather and massage into wet fur. Rinse well. Keep shampoo bar in dry environment between use.

    • Lavender & Cedar

    • Ingredients [organic*]: saponified coconut oil* and olive oil*, natural mineral clay, neem oil*, essential oils*, oregano oil* 

  • Skin & pad salve (35g)

    • This soothing salve will keep paws healthy and pets happy. Handcrafted in Whistler, this natural blend of organic oils and botanical extracts soothes and hydrates chaffed skin and pads, while mountain arnica extract provides deeper relief for bruising and soreness.

    • Ingredients [organic*]: arnica montana herbal oil*, coconut oil, shea butter* , neem oil*, beeswax, chamomile extract*, essential oils*, oregano oil* , turmeric *

  • Hand Sanitizer Mist (40ml)

    • A fresh hand sanitizer mist naturally scented with essential oils of lavender and cedar, the calming aromas of a mountain meadow
    • Health Canada Authorized, provided through partnership with Solomé Beauty (

    • Ingredients [organic*]: Isopropyl Alcohol (65%), therapeutic grade essential oils*

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