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We re-purpose materials from our local mountain community, like climbing rope and Whistler ski instructor jackets. Our products are individually handmade in-house or through select partnerships we have cultivated to support unique and talented artisans. 


Love the Earth

We strive to minimize our footprint by making conscientious choices when creating and packaging our products. We donate a portion of our proceeds to support charitable initiatives pertaining to animals, wellness and the environment.


Discover Our Handmade Products

Connecting you with sustainable and mindfully crafted pet apparel and supplies. 


I love this leash! I have now bought two. Very sturdy and great for my dog.

Sue K.

Very cool and useful. Neat design and I like that it is made from recycled materials.

Robert W.

Perfect for my grandpuppies. My daughter-in-law loves that they are locally made and that the ingredients are always natural.

Anne J.

This really seems to help our Frenchie's sensitive paws. They were always dry and cracked.  It smells great and the ingredients are very natural.

CJ & Julia

Very happy would purchase again.


I am very sensitive to the chemicals and most air fresheners give me a headache. This one is really nice.

Phyllis W