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Our Favourite Dog-Friendly Adventure Hikes in Whistler

Thanks to its staggering mountains, majestic glaciers, roaring rivers, towering evergreen forests, and untouched spaces, Whistler is blessed with some of the best hikes in the country. While dogs are not permitted anywhere in Garibaldi Park, which includes Wedgemount Lake, Garibaldi Lake, Cheakamus Lake, Musical Bumps and Elfin Lakes, as well as Whistler Blackcomb, and the Rainbow Lake trail, there are other less-known, but still impressive, backcountry trails that allow you and your dog to get up close with Whistler's most attractive wild spaces. These trails provide access to extremely beautiful and remote wilderness areas and we are very lucky to be able to share them with our best pawl. We have listed below our favourite dog-friendly adventure hikes to do in Whistler. Brew Lake and Mount Brew...

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The Joys of Taking Your Dog Camping

The companionship of a dog can be one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences for a camping enthusiast. Surely, bringing along Fido on a camping adventure improves camping dynamics, and makes the outdoors feel more like home without the usual domestic distractions. It is also a great opportunity for you to bond further with your furry best friend while providing them with the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy. Indeed, bringing your dog to spend a night under the stars has many benefits for everyone: They’ll get plenty of exercise, so will you Clearly, taking your dog along on an outdoor adventure can do wonders for their health. It is important that dogs stay active in order...

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Backcountry Checklist for Adventure Dogs

When I pack up my backpack and strap on my hiking boots, my dogs quiver with excitement. They know we are about to take on an adventure. Just like with us, exercising outdoors and breathing fresh air is beneficial to our furry pal's health. And there's nothing more inviting than longer and warmer spring days to venture in nature. Surely, doing fun activities with our dog not only strengthens our bond but also provides physical and mental stimulation to keep them (and us) happy and healthy. And undoubtedly, most dogs want to be included in their hooman's adventures. While adventuring with your pooch might be very rewarding, it comes with a huge responsibility. Not only you need to make sure...

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Muddy Paws in Spring: Natural House Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Spring in Whistler is a beautiful time of the year. We enjoy longer days, warmer sunshine, fresh mountain air and an array of outdoor adventures, but as dog owners we all know what it also means: muddy floors, wet furniture and hairy everything! While I like to partake in the annual spring cleaning ritual, my furry companions bring their own idea of springtime into my home. They seem too excited to run past the paw cleaning station before entering and delight in rubbing their whole body on the carpet (especially when they’re drenched in mud), but those are simply the joys of being a dog owner, aren’t they? Surely, having a dog is a big responsibilty and so is keeping...

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Essential Tips to Keep Pets Safe in the Snow

Winter is here and the lands are blanketed with snow. It's a beautiful sight for everyone, even for our furry companions. Some cats and dogs will be adventurous, taking every chance to play outside while others will prefer the warmth and cosiness of the house. As a responsible pet owner, it is important to know some essential tips to keep pets safe and happy in the snow. Introduce your pet to snow If your pet is seeing snow for the first time, take them outside to explore in a safe, enclosed environment. Stay with them to make them feel comfortable or to let them in if they want to rush back inside. Provide outdoor shelter If your pet loves to...

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