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Our Favourite Dog-Friendly Adventure Hikes in Whistler

Thanks to its staggering mountains, majestic glaciers, roaring rivers, towering evergreen forests, and untouched spaces, Whistler is blessed with some of the best hikes in the country. While dogs are not permitted anywhere in Garibaldi Park, which includes Wedgemount Lake, Garibaldi Lake, Cheakamus Lake, Musical Bumps and Elfin Lakes, as well as Whistler Blackcomb, and the Rainbow Lake trail, there are other less-known, but still impressive, backcountry trails that allow you and your dog to get up close with Whistler's most attractive wild spaces. These trails provide access to extremely beautiful and remote wilderness areas and we are very lucky to be able to share them with our best pawl. We have listed below our favourite dog-friendly adventure hikes to do in Whistler. Brew Lake and Mount Brew...

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Ways to Connect with Your Dog This Spring in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Here in the Sea-to-Sky corridor, we can enjoy year-round activities with our furry best friends. But when spring comes, and we finally get our long-awaited daylight and sunshine, we can’t be more excited to celebrate the beginning of warmer days to bond with our best pawl.   In honour to this pleasant weather, here are some pawsome ways to connect with your dog this spring in the Sea-to-Sky corridor:   Go canoeing  The Sea-to-Sky is home to a plethora of lakes accessible by vehicle. If your dog is well-behaved and calm enough to sit still, canoeing with your pup can be a treat for both of you.   WHERE TO GO:   Alta Lake, River of Golden Dreams to Green Lake,...

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Backcountry Checklist for Adventure Dogs

When I pack up my backpack and strap on my hiking boots, my dogs quiver with excitement. They know we are about to take on an adventure. Just like with us, exercising outdoors and breathing fresh air is beneficial to our furry pal's health. And there's nothing more inviting than longer and warmer spring days to venture in nature. Surely, doing fun activities with our dog not only strengthens our bond but also provides physical and mental stimulation to keep them (and us) happy and healthy. And undoubtedly, most dogs want to be included in their hooman's adventures. While adventuring with your pooch might be very rewarding, it comes with a huge responsibility. Not only you need to make sure...

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The Best Free Dog-Friendly Snowshoeing Trails to Do in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor This Winter

With so much terrain to explore, the Sea-to-Sky Corridor is a true paradise for people who like the Great Outdoors and there's nothing we like more than an adventure in our region's backyard with our dog by our side! Snowshoeing is a serene way to explore our beautiful snowy mountain landscape and is the perfect way to fill up on fresh winter air with our furry friend.While some backcountry areas are not suitable for dogs due to wildlife issues and the potential for problems with bears, there are still some trails that allow our four-legged companion to tag along. Listed below are our favourite dog-friendly snowshoeing trails in the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region of BC. And they are free. VANCOUVER Dog...

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