Inspired by the mountains. From hand to paw.

Little Pine connects you and your pet with healthy, natural, ethical products that embody the mountain lifestyle. With Little Pine, you can feel good knowing that you’re getting beautiful, hand-made products designed for friendship and adventure.

Little Pine: From Hand to PawOur Story

Little Pine was envisioned in Whistler, BC in 2015 by animal lovers and outdoors enthusiasts who saw the real emergency our planet is facing. We wanted to become part of the solution by offering pet owners sustainable and mindfully crafted pet apparel and supplies.
Many animal lovers face a moral dilemma when they realize that the footprint (or "pawprint") of the products they buy for their pet can cause further harm to the planet and other animals. The pet industry has its own kind of fast fashion,  and  the pet retail industry is dominated by socially and environmentally irresponsible big-box manufacturing. Little Pine connects pet owners with ethical and sustainable products they can feel good about purchasing. 
We re-purpose materials from our local mountain community, like climbing rope and Whistler ski instructor jackets, giving new life to products that may otherwise end up in the landfill. Our products are individually handmade in-house or through select partnerships we have cultivated to support unique and talented artisans. 

Environmental Commitment

Love the Earth. We strive to minimize our footprint by making conscientious choices when creating and packaging our products. We donate a portion of our proceeds to support initiatives in our community pertaining to animals, wellness and the environment.
The product lifecycle is very important to us. Many of our products are made using re-purposed materials from our local mountain community, like climbing rope and ski instructor jackets. To reduce waste and consumption, we offer repairs and recycling of our products, materials and hardware whenever possible.

Social Fairness

Our products are handcrafted and ethically made in Canada in a socially responsible wayAs part of our commitment to having a positive social impact, we create fair and supportive partnerships with artisans.