DIY Upcycled Pet Sweater

dog cozy in sweaters

It’s sweater weather time!

Warm boots and parkas are coming out of storage as we prepare to brave the cold. But what about our furry companions? Here is an DIY Upcycled Pet Sweater project that turns old sweaters into warm layers for our four-legged friends. 

All you need for an Upcycled DIY Pet Sweater…

  • Old sweater
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Dog or a cat!

The rest is simple. Follow the easy DIY Pet Sweater pictures below, or these detailed instructions.

Most small to medium sized dogs will fit the sleeve of an adult male sweater.

Measure the length along your pet’s back, from neck to tail and cut an appropriate length of the sleeve. You can always trim down later.

Place the cut sleeve over your pet and mark the best location for leg holes. If you trim a little too much, get creative and add some cuffs or sleeves.

A sewing machine can make your DIY Pet Sweater clean cut and more durable. If you are without, or just like the relaxed look, fold the edges or leave them be.

How great are snoods?!

If you have an odd shaped dog, like a Whippet, you can always make upcycled DIY accessories such as a Snood (aka Neck Warmer).

Dog wearing a snood sweater

All you need to make an Upcycled DIY Snood is a pair of scissors.

Cut off the arm of an old sweater and you’re done.

These DIY Pet Sweater designs are cost effective, easy, and eco-friendly. Reducing your consumer footprint isn’t so hard after all!

Sometimes our furry friends need a little help keeping warm during the colder months. Have a DIY Pet Sweater handy and keep an eye out for cold, frozen, or injured paws.

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  • Kevin

    This worked great! Out of one older sweatshirt, we got two jackets for our small dog from the sleeves, and with the rest and a scrunchie got a nice jacket for the big dog. Really cool that you put this article up. Shows your company truly cares about the environment and sustainability over your profits. Thank you!

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