The Joys of Taking Your Dog Camping

Camping with dogs

The companionship of a dog can be one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences for a camping enthusiast. Surely, bringing along Fido on a camping adventure improves camping dynamics, and makes the outdoors feel more like home without the usual domestic distractions. It is also a great opportunity for you to bond further with your furry best friend while providing them with the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy.

Indeed, bringing your dog to spend a night under the stars has many benefits for everyone:

They’ll get plenty of exercise, so will you

Clearly, taking your dog along on an outdoor adventure can do wonders for their health. It is important that dogs stay active in order to avoid obesity problems and remain in healthy condition. Since you are outdoors and have access to a wide variety of activities, camping trips are excellent sources of physical exercise. You can take your dog on hikes in the woods or for strolls on the beach. You may also be able to find a grassy area to just run around, play fetch or even do some training. If there is a dog-friendly beach, your dog may also enjoy swimming or splashing around on a hot day.

You likely won’t get lost

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and direction. Studies show that their smell is anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than our own. Your canine can possibly serve as your own GPS tracker. In case you get lost, they can help you navigate by following their own scent trail and showing you the way back to camp.

It’s an adventure for your pooch

A camping trip is a great adventure for your dog. They are on heightened alert, listening to all the sounds that surround them, sniffing all of the mysterious new smells and watching all the sights in their new environment. It’s an incredible playground! They’ll enjoy naps under the sun, the greetings from people passing by, the occasional camper dropping BBQ’d food on the ground (pay attention to what and how much they eat), and all that time they’ll get to play with you.

They provide protection

Dogs provide a real sense of protection when it comes to spending time outside. Whether you’re hiking through the trails or sleeping the night away tucked in your tent, they will be sure to alert you of any wildlife or strangers approaching.

You’ll make new friends

Dogs have a wonderful sense of curiosity. They love intriguing sights, smells, animals, and even new people. Your furry friend might pull you towards a stranger and request a pat on the head from them. Inevitably, they are a guaranteed conversation starter! After all, unless you’re on a solo trip, camping is also about socializing. It’s always great to meet new friends. Who knows, maybe it could turn into something more!

They are your best adventure buddy

Compared to humans, dogs don’t complain, are low-maintenance, are always keen, happy and easy to please. They always appreciate new surroundings. They watch, learn, love, and perhaps snuggle with you at night. They’ll sit and watch the glowing coals of a campfire and fall asleep at your feet. There’s nothing better than that at the end of a long day playing outside. Plus, they don’t mind your smelly hiking boots or  camping gear.

It’ll de-stress you and your dog

It is clear that camping is a great de-stressor for you and your dog. Spending a few days outdoors allows us to break away from the chaos of everyday life and enjoy the simplicity of nature. Surely, sitting by a lake or in the woods or in front of a dim campfire are great ways to relieve stress. Furthermore, relaxing, exploring, reading a book, cooking outside and fully unplugging are the things we enjoy the most about camping. Because stress has a huge impact on our minds and bodies, the more relaxed we are around our dogs the more relaxed they in turn will be around us.

It’s the perfect bonding time

Camping is a great way to get some quality play time in while offering your dog new experiences that they can share with you. Adventuring outside your dog’s home territory and comfort zone allows them to expand their view of the world and form a stronger bond with you who they trust and love. You can also get that relaxation time in together as well, but in the middle of gorgeous scenery.

You’ll sleep well

Beside resetting your body clock, spending a night in the woods and under the stars with your dog is a soothing and calming experience. A whole night of snuggling with your furry friend under the blankets (yes, I’m guilty as charged) and breathing the fresh air will do you a world of good.

You’ll both find a true sense of adventure

Camping with a dog can be a cheerful experience for both you and your canine companion. Dogs discover fascinating things on walks and hikes that you might otherwise miss. Canines are excited at new smells and surroundings and appreciate the little, simple things and it is pleasing for us to watch. Bringing your pooch along on your next camping outing will surely add a wholesome sense of adventure to your trip.

Whether you head to a provincial park, to the beaches of the Coast or participate in some bush camping with your dog, you are bound to have a memorable time.

A reminder that goes without saying: if we want to continue traveling with our animals, it is important to be a responsible dog owner. Respect the rules of the campsite and if you adventure on the trails with your furry friend, make sure to follow a good dog hiking etiquette. 

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