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10 Guilt-Free Christmas Treats for a Pinch of Holiday Spirit

The Holidays are a time to indulge in sweets and comfort food. But just because we want to satisfy our sweet tooth doesn't mean we have to take a break from our healthy lifestyle. Ranging from gingerbread houses to chocolate fudge to pomegranate cookies, these guilt-free Christmas treats will add a pinch of Holiday Spirit to your home this season. Raw Coconut & Goji Cookies The colourful goji berries not only give it a tartly sweet taste, but also boost it’s superfood goodness with its high antioxidant content.  Find recipe at Brit + Co.   No-Bake Cashew Date Bars with Chocolate Drizzle These energy bars are made from cashews, dates, and bittersweet chocolate. Substitute the dark chocolate for vegan chocolate for healthy, delicious bars. Find recipe...

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West Coast Inspired Gift Ideas That Encourage Sustainability & Movement

The holidays for many is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. But it is also the most wasteful and consumer-driven time. Surely, with approximately 7.2 billion spent on Christmas gifts, 2.6 billion cards sent, and 27.8 million Christmas trees cut in Canada alone, the impact of this one holiday is massive.   We can do our little bit of good to help reduce holiday waste by making conscious choices during the festive time.   This season, why not treat your outdoorsy one to a gift that’s low-impact, responsibly and locally sourced, organically grown or gives back to the environment?   If you want to shop more consciously this holiday season, here are some West Coast inspired gift ideas for outdoor-lovers that...

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8 Earth-Friendly Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

As you already know, wrapping paper isn't recyclable and tonnes of it ends up in landfills each Christmas. According to Zero Waste Canada, a Vancouver-based advocacy group, Canadians throw out 540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper and gift bags each year. That's about 100,000 elephants worth of wrapping paper tossed to the landfills. It’s still possible to make eco-friendly choices and reduce holiday trash, while also giving gorgeously wrapped presents. There are plenty of crafty ways to spruce up your presents that will not only make your gifts stand out, but will do a little bit of good to the planet too. All you have to do is look around the house. These 8 earth-friendly gift wrapping ideas will help you give beautifully wrapped gifts...

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Vegan Maple Marshmallow Recipe

There’s something very comforting about an indulgent cup of hot chocolate on a cold day and even better if it is topped with gooey and puffy marshmallows. If you’ve been craving this decadent combo, but are concerned about making healthier choices, look no further: healthy marshmallows do exist (and they pair well with our hearty hot chocolate). I was quite surprised to find a variety of healthy marshmallow recipes on the Internet. Some caught my attention such as Elderberry, Matcha & Basil, Chocolate and even Beet. But all of them contain gelatin, which doesn’t make them vegan. Also, most plant-based marshmallow recipes I came across were spreads and they didn’t have the puffiness I was looking for. After more research I stumbled upon My Goodness Kitchen, a plant-based recipe...

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Our Favourite Dog-Friendly Adventure Hikes in Whistler

Thanks to its staggering mountains, majestic glaciers, roaring rivers, towering evergreen forests, and untouched spaces, Whistler is blessed with some of the best hikes in the country. While dogs are not permitted anywhere in Garibaldi Park, which includes Wedgemount Lake, Garibaldi Lake, Cheakamus Lake, Musical Bumps and Elfin Lakes, as well as Whistler Blackcomb, and the Rainbow Lake trail, there are other less-known, but still impressive, backcountry trails that allow you and your dog to get up close with Whistler's most attractive wild spaces. These trails provide access to extremely beautiful and remote wilderness areas and we are very lucky to be able to share them with our best pawl. We have listed below our favourite dog-friendly adventure hikes to do in Whistler. Brew Lake and Mount Brew...

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