10 Guilt-Free Christmas Treats for a Pinch of Holiday Spirit

The Holidays are a time to indulge in sweets and comfort food. But just because we want to satisfy our sweet tooth doesn't mean we have to take a break from our healthy lifestyle.

Ranging from gingerbread houses to chocolate fudge to pomegranate cookies, these guilt-free Christmas treats will add a pinch of Holiday Spirit to your home this season.

Raw Coconut & Goji Cookies

The colourful goji berries not only give it a tartly sweet taste, but also boost it’s superfood goodness with its high antioxidant content. 

Find recipe at Brit + Co.


Raw Coconut & Goji Cookies! There are seriously addictive, they taste almost caramel-y and deliciously sweet! From www.sprinkleofgreen.com

No-Bake Cashew Date Bars with Chocolate Drizzle

These energy bars are made from cashews, dates, and bittersweet chocolate. Substitute the dark chocolate for vegan chocolate for healthy, delicious bars.

Find recipe at Tobi Amidor


Chocolate Protein Balls

Think dates, raisins, orange juice, and vegan white chocolate, these chocolate protein balls are rich and satisfying without any animal products or a shred of added sugar.

Find recipe at Rachel Evans.


Chocolate Chip Fudge

You don't need to deny your cravings for fudge to live a healthy lifestyle. If you make your own from scratch, you can enjoy everything you love about fudge without the piles of butter and sugar. For a vegan version, substitute the dark chocolate chips for vegan chocolate.

Find recipe at Healthy Mummy.

5 Ingredient Choc Chip Fudge

Chocolate Almond Bark

This easy recipe only requires 3 Ingredients. Thick pieces of indulgent chocolate bark packed with crunchy, roasted almonds. Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free.

Find recipe at Beaming Baker.

3 Ingredient Chocolate Almond Bark Recipe (V, GF): a fun recipe for thick pieces of indulgent chocolate bark perfectly packed with almonds. #Vegan #Paleo #GlutenFree #DairyFree #Dessert #Candy | Recipe on BeamingBaker.com

Sugar & Spice Almond Flour Cookies

The perfect grain-free cookie for the holidays. Made with healthy fats, natural sugars, cinnamon, and almond flour, this recipe makes Christmas cookies that satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt! 

Find recipe at Cotter Crunch.


Coconut Bliss Balls

Vegan, paleo, and sugar-free, these dark chocolate and coconut balls are a decadent treat. 

Find recipe at Cinnamon and Coriander.

easy healthy coconut truffles in a black bowl

Healthy Ginger Snap Recipe With Caramel And Apple

This healthy ginger snap recipe is mixed with dried apples and drizzled with caramel sauce for a paleo-friendly twist on the classic Christmas cookie.

Find recipe at Brit + Co.


Vegan Gingerbread House

Blackstrap molasses, cinnamon and ginger give the gingerbread the most amazing festive flavour.

Find recipe at Bing Chef.



Chocolate Chip Pomegranate Cookies

These cookies will give a boost to your immunity system for the cold season. Pomegranates are full of nutrients like vitamin C and anti-oxidants to help keep you healthy enough to eat more cookies.

Find recipe at Kiip Fit.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Pomegranate Cookie Recipe


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