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10 Local, Eco-Conscious Gift Ideas for the Special Mama in Your Life

Need some last-minute inspiration for Mother’s Day? How about treating your mother (or any special woman in your life) to something meaningful while also remembering Mother Earth? Surely, there’s nothing more rewarding than giving a gift that has a low impact on the planet, is ethically sourced, locally grown or gives back to the environment.

Here are some local, eco-conscious gift ideas for the special mama in your life:

1. Indoor bulb gardens

Indoor bulb gardens are an easy and fun gift! Inexpensive and versatile, they can be planted into pots for a simple gift.

See the tutorial at World Market

Where to find it: Whistler Garden Shop , Whistler Garden Center and Whistler Home Hardware

2. Yoga class package

If your mama is into yoga, consider getting her a class package at your local studio.


Where to get it: Yogacara, Yyoga, and Loka Yoga

3. Natural skincare products

Natural skincare products are not only good for the environment, but they are also delightful for your skin.


Where to get it: Solomé Beauty,  Helena Lane and Floraa & Fauna

4. Plant-based candles

Plant-based candles not only light up the mood, but also bring a piece of nature into the room.


Where to find it: Hollow Tree, My Healing Hands, and Sarah’s Soaps and Candles

5. Handcrafted ceramic mug

Handmade ceramic travel mugs are lovely gifts for the coffee and tea lovers.


Where to fint it: Sunny Daze Design and Wild Tribe

6. Organic gift basket

Head to Olives Community Market and fill a basket with organic, gourmet foods.


Where to find it: Olives Community Market

7. Butterfly and hummingbird feeder

Homemade gifts are always a winner! Why not try to make a butterfly and hummingbird feeder? There are some cool DIY tutorials online like this one.

See the tutorial at Traditional Cooking School

 Where to find it: recycle what you have or head to Whistler Home Hardware for supplies

8. Up-cycled jewelry

There’s something very unique and beautiful about the creative and sustainable work behind up-cycled jewelry.


Where to find it: Mana Jewelry

9. Handcrafted journal

If she likes to document moments, collect wildflowers, scrapbook, or sketch, a handsewn journal would make a great gift.

Journals made by Handmade Happiness 

Where to find it: Handmade Happiness

10. Vegetable box delivery

Sign her up for a ‘farm to table vegetable box delivery’. This company also gives the option to add fresh flowers.

Where to find it: The Laughing Crow Organics

For more inspiration and where to get locally-made goods, have a look at this descriptive ‘Made-in-Whistler Gift Ideas‘ guide.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Farmers’ Markets, both in Whistler and Squamish for organically grown and artisan-made goods!

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

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