Send your Pawl to the Spa: Grooming and Massage for Pets in Whistler

Grooming and massage for pets in Whistler
Pets deserve to be pampered, too! While you soak up the day at the spa, why not treat your pooch with a similar treatment? Local pet grooming professionals will make your pet look their very best while taking special care to put them at ease for any service you select!


Momo's Pup Wash

Whistler’s new and unique dog grooming facility. Provide extra care and a gentle touch to make your dog feel special.
Visit or call  604-905-6788 for more information.

D.I.Y. Dog Grooming

Wag Galore Whistler Animal Shelter

Whistler animal shelter

Dirty dog? Make a $15 donation to WAG (the Whistler Animal Shelter) and you can use our new bathing and grooming room! Complete with a raised tub, shampoos, treats, brushes, clippers, aprons, and soft fluffy towels, we have all you need to get your pup clean!
The grooming room is available for bookings Wednesday through Sunday, 1pm – 3:30pm. Please give Wag a call and let them know when you are coming, so they can make sure that you have the tub to yourself!
Visit or call 604-935-8364 for more information.

Massage therapy

Pawsome Massage

massage therapy and rehab for pets in Whistler

Kateri Mills is a Registered Massage Therapist with a passion for all animals. She attended the Northwest School for Animal Massage. 
Visit or call 604-902-9669 for more information.