Vegan Brunch Ideas

Spring is finally here and with Easter just around the corner the first thing that comes to my mind is brunch! Easter is surely a family and friends affair and what better way to get in the Easter spirit, than to gather around the table for an Easter Brunch Breakfast!

While the traditional brunch menu showcases a lot of heavy, meaty and greasy foods, you’d be surprise how many gorgeous, healthy vegan recipes are out there to satisfy your cravings, whether it is for a “cheesy quiche” or even “bacon Benedicts”.

From classic brunch favourites to delicious new finds, host an unforgettable meal with these vegan gourmet recipes.

Carrot Cake Waffles with Cinnamon Maple Cream Cheese Spread

These carrot cake waffles are so fluffly, cakey and carroty that it’s just like having dessert for breakast.

Visit for the recipe.

The Incredible Vegan Frittata

This vegetable quiche is a real vegan masterpiece! With its brown rice crust, it also makes this dish gluten-free.

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Madarin Orange Salad with Honey Poppy Seed Vinaigrette

This Mandarin Orange Salad with Honey Poppy Seed Vinaigrette is all kinds of amazing! A mix of greens, combined with mandarin oranges, slivers of red onion, tart pomegranate seeds, avocados and candied almonds is tossed with an easy honey poppy seed vinaigrette. Yum!

Visit for the recipe.

Lemon-Lavender Blackberry & Ricotta Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

These lemon-lavender blackberry & ricotta grilled cheese sandwiches are made of golden french bread, chunky blackberry sauce, lemon zest, dried lavender, and a luscious layer of macadamia-based ricotta. The sweet and tart sauce is the perfect match for the salty and umami-flavored vegan ricotta.

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Carrot Lox

Can you believe that this delicious and easy-to-make vegan lox is made from carrots?

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Soy-Free Benedict

Creamy vegan hollandaise, crispy chickpea patties and shitake bacon make this a magical dish.

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Sticky Buns

These buns are so sticky and delicious you’ll be licking your fingers all day!

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Basil Citrus Salad with Balsamic Jam Dressing

All the winter citrus comes together to make a beautiful citrus salad with a sweet and tart dressing!

Visit for the recipe.

Broccoli and Quinoa Breakfast Patties

These Broccoli and Quinoa Breakfast Patties are simple, nutritious, super-healthy and totally delicious!

Visit for the recipe.

Easy Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

This Easy Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust is wholesome, healthy, filling and delicious.

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Cheezy Zucchini Biscuits

These yummy biscuits are quick and easy to make and only take 15 minutes to bake.

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Vanilla Almond Fig Granola Parfaits with Blood Oranges

Studded with sliced almonds and chunks of dried figs, this Vanilla Granola Parfait is a real treat for your Easter meal.

Visit for the recipe.

What are your favourite brunch recipes?

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